Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Very Busy Week

Fourth of July with handmade sailor hat
Baby and I have had such a busy week! On Tuesday, my sister in law came up. Niece and auntie met for the first time and were quite taken with each other. It was a whirlwind week of sight seeing and getting things done. Here are some pictures of the week.

Saturday was baby's first fourth of July. I had purchased a little blue sailor dress for her, and I decided Friday night (typical of me) that she needed a sailor hat. So, we went to the store and got some red fabric with white stars, and some patriotic colored ribbon, and I made her a little sailor hat. It is so ridiculous it is cute!

Sunday baby got baptized. She wore a civil war era christening gown that my "fairy godmother" had given to me, and a bonnet and jacket that is my husband's family heirlooms. She was so beautiful, but getting her into the car seat sure was an adventure. I had to roll the gown up a few times and it kind of billowed out from the side of her legs.

This week I must crack down and get to sewing for my shop again.

That's all for now.