Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Guiding Stars Nautical Inspired Baby BootiesI finally finished my latest project. Can you believe that they are too small for baby's chubby little feet? I guess that is really a good thing, because now I am not tempted to keep them for her. They are called "Guiding Stars" They photographed really nicely. I hardly had to do anything with the photographs. And, of course, I used my full spectrum light. I actually made two pairs of these booties, and the other pair I submitted as a sample to a local artisan shop. The shop is juried, and I am crossing my fingers that they are willing to accept some of my pieces. In the mean-time, I am keeping my eyes open and exploring new venue options all the time. I think, once I get my inventory built up a bit more, I would like to apply for some craft shows. I guess you could say that is my long term business plan.
I helped my mother in law with her historical publication The Pine Tree Shilling today. It is all about life in colonial America. She is kind enough to let me write the occasional article for it and help a bit with the research. I really enjoy it. It comes out quarterly, and there always seems to be a bit of a mad dash to the finish line right before it goes to the printers.
Well, it is late for tonight, and I must get going on the early side tomorrow. I am going to explore an possible idea for another venue for my wares. My mother is kind enough to accompany baby and me. I think I am the only truck driver in the history of trucking that doesn't really care to drive. I mean, I like driving and all, and I love, big, loud, smelly, diesel trucks, but I would just as soon, if I am with someone else, ride shotgun, as drive. Most truckers have this obsessive need to be behind the wheel any time they are in a moving vehicle. I don't. Or maybe it is a guy thing.
Well, thats all for now.
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