Saturday, July 11, 2009

Another revamped listing.

So I revamped another listing! Here are the before and after pictures. The first one is actually the after picture. I don't know why they got flipped on me. These were called "purple please baby booties" but I have decided to rename them "Lavender Cottage baby booties". What do you think? I am trying to get more creative about backgrounds, without getting too busy. My husband saw me unrolling the full spool of ribbon, and thought I had completely lost my mind. I explained to him it was for my "photo shoot" (which, being a superlative husband, he was helping me with) but I still think he was wondering about me. He was wonderful enough, however, to help me roll it all up again. Ah, well, such is life. After all, I put up with him just about swerving off the road over a nice big rig or old truck of any sort . I mean, come on, I like to admire and all, but I have more pride than to start swerving! Now really!

It was a beautiful day today and baby and I did manage to spend some time outside. We baught her a walker, and she really enjoys it. I know walkers are considered unsafe, but we just use it for very short periods of time to give her a change of scenery. She likes to change it up. One day she sits in her basket, the next in her stroller or her bouncer. Or, she can lie out on her blanket and work on crawling. I think she is going to start that really soon. She gets her knees under and pulls herself forward, but then she goes kersplat.

Well, I am off to bed now, so I can have a long productive day tomorrow. good night all!


  1. On my computer, the color of these two sets of booties are very different. The lining is green in the first picture, and white in the second. The outside also has a green tinge in the first picture. Which is more correct?

    Either way, they're cute!

  2. A green tinge? oh, dear me. It doesn't look like that in this computer. The lining is white. perhaps I shall play with those photos a little more. Thank you for your input.

  3. I think getting good pictures may be the hardest part of this all!

  4. No doubt about that, unless of course you are a photographer by trade. :-)