Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Keep on Truckin'

I had to work today, and it was a longish one-10 hours. The good news, is that I got to drive one of my company's brand new trucks. They have just barely 50,000 miles on them. That's nothing for a big rig. I had some much fun with it. They are 2009 long nosed Kentworths with a lot of chrome. A really nice looking truck. Drives like a sports car. The top of the hood is so tall, I can barely reach it. Must be over six feet. Things went kinda smoothe, but I lost an hour loading up cause they decided to shut the place down to upgrade their computers. Oh, well. Delays just don't jive with the trucker mindset, which is go, go, go. Tomorrow it is back to work on the eighteenth century clothing. I am very close to being done! Thats all for now.

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