Saturday, August 1, 2009

What a Real-Leaf!

Silk leaves with hand rolled hems
Ok, so that is a horrible pun. But here is a sneak peak at my latest project. I have spent my creative time making silk leaves (16 of them) with hand rolled hems. Here they are in a pretty arrangement. It is not, however, how they will be used in the end. (You'll just have to wait and see for the finished product)

I am thinking of buying a knitting machine. I think I could really have fun with one. (and be productive, of course) I am watching a few on Ebay that are not too pricey, and I am also getting very excited about this future purchase.

I had to work on Thursday. It was the first time in three weeks. Go figure, I ended up with the one truck whose air conditioning did not work for most of the time. Apparently they have been trying to get it fixed, but the mechanics told the truck's main driver that it was all in his head. Sometimes, I have got to wonder about mechanics. They should try driving those trucks around for two to four hours at a time before they come to a conclusion like that. Drivers spend enough time in their trucks that they just might know if something was wrong. (end trucking rant)

We took baby swimming for the first time today. Of course, I forgot the camera, so baby's second swim will have to be recorded for posterity instead. We had purchased a life preserver for her, but it did not fit. Her cheeks were too big for it! I am serious! The life preserver pushed them up so high she looked like a cartoon character of some sort. (perhaps Dennis the Menace?) It was really cute and funny looking, but poor baby did not think so, of course. She did, however, enjoy the water once we took back out of the life vest. I think I will get her one of those floaty rings with the seat in them. Just carrying her in the water makes me a bit nervous. She is all tired out now, and fast asleep.

Well, that's all for now.

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  1. Blog about the knitting machine if you get it. I'd be curious. I've been eying the sock knitting machines for awhile now, but can't quite get myself to spend the money. One of these days...

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the leaves. They'd look good appliqued to a costume.