Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Trucking Story

Well, I guess I will tell a trucking story today. I am breastfeeding my baby so when I go to work, I have to use a breast pump. Now when you are a trucker, the only place you can really pump in is your truck. So I stopped at the rest stop about my third day back so I could pump. My uniform is button down, so of course I had to unbutton my shirt, etc. I'm happily pumping away, when I notice a UPS tractor-trailer kinda swerving around a bit. I look up and the driver is turned completely around staring at me. I don't think he had any idea what he was looking at. Its a good thing that I don't pump while driving down the highway. That would be a road hazzard! (at least to the other truckers) I saw that UPS driver again at the rest stop a few weeks later. He was craning his neck again, but I wasn't pumping yet. And anyway I've got a "dirty old trucker baffler" I bought myself a cape.

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